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For 3-8 year olds

Kids Cars and Trucks Logic Memory Puzzles

Teaches the alphabet counting and jigsaw shapes

A collection of educational and fun logic puzzles and memory training games for young lovers of cars, trucks and engines. The app teaches young children the alphabet, counting, memory and logic skills within the theme of vehicles and transportation in a fun and intuitive way.

Kids will quickly and intuitively pick up the alphabet, numbers and build memory and logic skills while enjoying the interactivity and sound effects associated with each game challenge. The games also help young children learn shape recognition and matching skills as well as hand eye coordination.

Game Features:

  • Match the pairs: memory game
  • Escape from the Maze: logic and shape manipulation activity
  • Jigsaw puzzles: teaches visualisation and shape manipulation skills
  • Connect the dots: teaches the letters of the alphabet and the numbers
  • Slide Puzzles: scheduling and shape manipulation
  • Authentic sounds and fun effects for every vehicle
  • Covers most common vehicles and transportation types. For example car, truck, bus, van, train, fire engine, ambulance, police car, boat, space ship, submarine, helicopter, bicycle, skateboard and many others.
  • Shows written name and pronunciation for every vehicle in the set (English language only)

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