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For 10+ year olds

Which Place in the World? - Sightseeing Word Quiz

The Travel and Sightseeing Word Quiz Game

Do you enjoy challenging and fun word games? Do you like travelling and sightseeing?

Use your knowledge of classic tourist destinations and some less popular locations to identify the featured attraction and then unjumble the letters to claim the level.

Game Features:

  • Unlimited Fun: Over two hundred puzzles across eighteen levels to solve and more to come!
  • Includes the world’s most popular sites and attractions as well as some lesser known places
  • Simple and intuitive game play you know and love!
  • High definition photos of tourist destinations and landmarks from 88 different countries. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everything in between
  • Earn in-game coins when you solve a puzzle that can be used for lifelines to help in other puzzles, or securely purchase more coins if you run out.
  • Increasing difficulty as you progress through the levels
  • Currently has over 200 puzzles to play. More puzzles will be added in free future updates in case you complete them all!
  • Engaging backdrops and high resolution pictures that look great on High definition (HD) smart phones and tablets

Free download: