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For 7+ year olds

Kids Animal Slide Puzzle 15 Mystic squares game

Mystic squares shape rearranging game for children

Kids Animal Slide Puzzles is a modern version of the traditional plastic sliding puzzle game that you may have played as a child.

It involves rearranging square tiles to form a complete picture by sliding the tiles into the correct place. You may know the game as the 15-puzzle, Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mosaic Game, or Mystic Squares.

Game Features:

  • intuitive touch interface and high quality graphics that look stunning on High Definition (HD) and retina displays of both tablets and smart phones
  • increasing levels of difficulty beginning with the classic 3x3 and 4x4 board sizes and working all the way up to 12x12.
  • select optional numerical indicators on the tiles to help in placement or play in pure picture mode for a greater challenge
  • a preview of the final picture is shown next to the puzzle
  • complete the puzzle with minimal moves to be awarded one, two or three stars
  • the tiles don'€™t stick or jam (unlike the old plastic equivalent)
  • suitable for all ages from 5 to adult
  • fun and realistic sound effects on successful completion of each puzzle

Free download: