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For 2-5 year olds

ABC Preschool Sight Word Jigsaw Puzzle Shapes

Teaches the English alphabet and over 100 words

Helps toddlers and preschool children to learn the English alphabet and well over 100 easy words in a fun and interactive puzzle themed environment. Kids will learn the name of each letter as well the phonetic sound that it makes then interactively play with objects that start with that letter.

There are 130 English words to learn and each word is pronounced by a native speaker. Each word is presented as a cute cartoon style picture that needs to be placed in the matching shaped hole on the board to reveal its sound.

Game Features:

  • High quality cartoon style images that look great on modern High Definition (HD) and retina displays of both tablets and smart phones
  • Authentic and funny sound effects for every word being learnt
  • Written name and clear pronunciation of each word from a native English speaker
  • Intuative drag and drop interface that's easy for little fingers to master
  • Covers all the letters in the English alphabet from A to Z, their phonetic sound and 130 example words for practise
  • Increasing difficulty as your child progresses from simple dragging of a shape in the easy level to multi-shape drag and drop in the hard level
  • No advertising
  • A great introduction to the English alphabet and simple English words for non-English speakers

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